A New Addition to the Team!

We have some very exciting news to announce: a new team member has recently joined us here at Kimberly Dunlap Photography!  Well, she may not be a photographer quite yet, but we do have a new little person in our lives…  My husband, Jeff, and I are overjoyed to announce the birth of our beautiful baby girl, Katie, to all of our clients and friends!!  She was born in February and has been an incredible blessing in our lives; it’s hard to imagine what we ever did before she came along!  We are adjusting to our new roles as parents, quick-change diaper artists, and milk machines (well, me anyway, not Jeff).  ;)  I’m fairly certain that we have developed super-human nocturnal abilities as well…  I have posted a few pictures of our little sweetheart below.  We would also like to extend a big “thank you” to all of our family, friends, and clients for their well wishes and support!!  ♥

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